Fine Art Specialists

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Do you have a painting that has been in your family a long time or a sentimental piece that you would like cleaned up or restored?

You have come to the right place. We are Fine Art Specialists in Virginia Beach, a professional art restoration and custom framing shop that has over 20 years of experience.


If you have something you want us to look at go to the contact us page and send us an email, describe the piece as best you can and include a few pictures if you can. Or call us at 757-463-5202 and come by the shop.

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Custom Framing

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With years of experience and a huge selection of frames (and prices), we can help you design the best way to display and preserve your pieces for generations to come.


Conservation framing



Oversized and odd pieces

Paintings, prints, documents

You name it --we frame it!

Frame Repair

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Ornate frames are beautiful, large and bulky and unless you've kept them in a museum quality environment, they probably are dinged up and missing pieces.

These lovely frames can be brought back to life by casting and remolding missing ornamentation, filling- in and color matching or enhancing the finish, and consolidating existing ornamentation to keep it from falling off.

Painting Cleaning and Repair

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Many times the old paintings go dark with age and grime. Or water may make them flake or haze. Most can be saved.



Repair of tears, flaking, losses

Revarnish (non-yellowing)


Print Washing

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Do you have an old print that has been developing stains and spotting over the years? We can give it a bath and try to bring it back to its original look.

Print washing aids in the removing of waterstains, removal of brown spotting(foxing), and deacidification of the paper.

After treatment, the prints can be archivally framed and enjoyed for generations to come.

Freeze Drying

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The most successful way to dry wet documents, books, papers, photographs and other wet items difficult to dry is through vacuum freeze drying. Even clay coated paper like in old yearbooks can be separated after the freeze drying process --if we are called in promptly.

The books in the picture were wet and on a shelf side by side, the difference is clear.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration

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Surface soot, nicotine buildup, warping paper, damaged frames and mats, are all part of what we see in fire and water recovery. The severity of the disaster determines our course of action.

We clean:

artwork and frames of all kinds,

dolls, statues and figures,

items requiring special handling

We can also arrange appraisals.

Art Hanging Service

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It isn't always an simple task to find the middle of a wall or to hang a group of pictures just right. We can help you figure out the best grouping arrangement and hang your pictures for you.

We'll measure twice and nail once.

Personal Collections Cataloging

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We have sorted and cataloged large commercial archives and can use the same system to help you record your items so you can pass on a personal history of the pieces.

Downsizing and need expert advice before calling in the sellers? Contact us for more info.